We create fitness apps that people love and that make fitness brands money.

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How it Works?

We partner with world-class personal trainers and fitness brands to design and develop personalized mobile apps.

your workout app

Your content, your workouts, your app.

Don't share the limelight with other trainers. You deserve your own an app featuring your brand. An app where your clients and fans can subscribe to your brand to get your fitness advice and workouts.

Earn more without working harder.

Generate a recurring revenue stream by selling subscriptions to your workouts. You determine the subscription terms (monthly/annual access or a one-time fee to download) and the subscription fees ($5/mo to $50/mo).

earn more


Leverage our tech and expertise.

Tempo is your technology and marketing partner. We build and manage all of the tech (no coding required) and customer service on your behalf giving you freedom to dedicate your time and energy in creating world-class fitness content.


We work with the world's leading fitness minds and brands. Meet a few of our partners.

cristina capron

Cristina Capron

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umama kibria

Umama Kibria

  • Georiga, USA
  • President of Small and Strong Fitness
  • Empower through strength

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katarina konow

Katarina Konow

  • Miami, USA (Sweden)
  • Runner-up to 2012 Miss Universe Sweden

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Who We Serve

Tempo creates fitness apps that people can't stop talking about. Apps that people get addicted to (in the healthiest of ways) and can't stop using. Apps that generate our partners revenue. We are selective in who we partner with because we agree that the world doesn't need "yet another fitness app."


Elite Personal Trainers & Fitness Pros

Personal trainer or fitness professional with an established or rising fan base with an appetite to take your brand to the next level and generate an annual, recurring revenue stream.

Do you meet the following criteria?

  • Engaged social media reach of at least 100,000* followers
  • Proven demand for your brand and content
  • Unique training methodology
gyms and studios

Boutique Gyms & Studios

Boutique gym or studio with world-class trainers, loyal members, and proven methods of instruction seeking to generate incremental revenue streams to drive bottom-line revenue growth or expand the brand's footprint to a national or global scale.

Do you meet the following criteria?

  • Unique brand loved by members
  • 500+ active members
  • Industry leading training methodologies

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